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Thought-Filled Books for Children

I love writing children’s books. The problem is in getting my books in front of my intended audience — KIDS. Once children are introduced to my books, they want to read, or have them read to them, over and over (just ask my granddaughter, Jamie). It is very expensive to self publish hard cover copies of books, and it’s almost impossible to get Amazon and iTunes to spotlight specific books unless you are a well known author. Therefore, I have created this website in the hope it will introduce more parents and children to my writings.

Growing up can be hard.  My goal when I write is to give kids a soft and kind place to land at the end of the day.  I love life, and I hope that comes through in my books.

—  Melanie

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Customer Reviews

Little Bucket Beach Hat is a delightful children's story. Beautiful illustrations!

Cindy, mother of 3

"I sat with my 9 year old grandson while he read How Do I know God Loves Me?. The book brought up many thoughts and concerns about events happening at school and some difficulties with his peers. We were able to talk about solutions to those problems. Since then we have been able to communicate on a much deeper level about life, spirituality and how each one of us can do good things and be a good person in this life time. THANK YOU Melanie for writing this book!”

Susan M., Grandmother

The story of the Oregon Trail comes to alive! This should be a must read for any child or young adult. The story of the Oregon Trail comes alive in photos, with the obvious attention to detail in her research and with the adorable characters who tell the story. Strongly recommend!

— Aggie Adams