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English grammar and punctuation can be confusing. Whether you are a student (from the very young to the very old), a teacher, an ESL student or tutor, a parent trying to help with homework, or a professional who, due to texting, has forgotten many grammar rules, you will like this one-stop reference. Let’s face it, because of today’s texting and messaging, writing a correct and intelligent sentence has become a challenge for many.

My goal in creating this one-stop reference was to simplify grammar making it less intimidating. This manual offers a simple, quick, easy to understand, no nonsense approach to everyday grammar questions. 

Stanford, a little green alien, appears throughout the book offering helpful hints to make learning easier and, I hope, fun.

For ages 7 +
Format: eBook (139 pages)
price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9674491-8-0

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Customer Reviews

Pretty fun and useful. I am a volunteer literacy tutor; my student is an English as a Second Language learner. It's been fifty years since I graduated from high school, and although grammar comes naturally to me, trying to pull out enough details to teach someone else English sentence structure was not working.
This book is written in a semi - childish way, but it's not nearly the drudgery to wade through that some of my grammar books are.

Jeff McFadden

Excellent!! This book is one I wish I had had for my daughter when she was trying to learn. Stanford is a cute green blob that teaches the different parts of speech in a fun way for kids to learn. It shows how powerful words can be and then goes into what a sentence is to where words come from and what words we shouldn't use.
This is a fun book that every home needs! Your kids will love looking for Stanford and what he has to say next.

Orilla Crider

This is a fantastic book for both children and adults. In my case, I have forgotten a lot in the past 40+ years since I graduated from high school. This book, quoting the author, "is a one-stop reference with a simple, quick, easy to understand, no nonsense approach to everyday grammar questions."

Susan Newstetter

While I thought I bought this book to help educate my family it turned out to be an indispensable and easy to use reference for myself. This little gift of a book is an indispensable and necessary addition for any family. I promise that you will be surprised at the confidence it will provide you in your daily business communication.

David J.

Good reference.