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The fun begins when a little red bucket beach hat is blown out to sea by an unexpected gust of wind. The little hat faces a wild adventure, encountering many unforgettable sea creatures that make the young reader smile and giggle. Our hat also encounters a scary octopus from which it must escape. These encounters build the little hat’s confidence and change its outlook on life. 

The story is full of words and sounds that are fun to say and encourage young readers to want to read the story (or have it read to them) over and over. 

Little Bucket Beach Hat is written in verse and has a surprise ending. 

Beautiful full-color illustrations on every page.

Playful/humorous picture book for young children.
Format: eBook (35 pages)
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9674491-0-4

seal wearing beach hat

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Customer Reviews

Little Bucket Beach Hat is a delightful children's story. Beautiful illustrations!

Cindy, mother of 3

My daughter really likes this story and likes that it is written in verse. It's one of her favorites, and, I have to admit, I enjoy reading it to her.

E. Anderson

My granddaughter loves this book. I have read it to her so many that I think we both know it by heart.


Pam I.