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Where is God?, Does God talk to me?, Does God forgive me when I make a mistake?, Why are some kids so mean?, How can I make God smile? 

This book delivers a wonderful and powerful message to children by speaking directly to them answering the questions already on their minds. 

How Do I Know God Loves Me? provides children self esteem, confidence, and understanding that will support them and bring them happiness on a daily basis. Kids learn their lives have purpose and meaning. They learn they have unlimited potential. (The illustrations are in silhouette so that children of all colors and backgrounds can relate.)

My reasons for writing this book.

Reason #1:  I wanted to write a book that would be helpful to busy parents trying to raise happy children; children who love and respect God, themselves and the world in which they live. No matter how many precautions we take, our children still get bombarded with negative speech and images from friends, bullies and social media. This book will assist you in giving your child coping skills, comfort and encouragement.

Reason #2:  I wanted to write a book that a child would feel was his/her very own special book. A book that spoke directly to the young reader.

— Melanie

For children ages 6 – 12
Formats: paperback and eBook   (60 pages)
Book website: www.SpiritualParenting.info

Price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9674491-9-7

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Customer Reviews

Kids comments after having How Do I Know God Loves Me? read to them:

This book makes me feel good.

Looking at the moon makes me smile now.

This book makes God feel real to me.

So that’s why he’s a bully.

Excerpts from 2-page review in ~ The International Journal of Children’s Spirituality
… this book is both fascinating and refreshing to read; leading a child through how God may answer commonly asked questions.
… it is evident that (How Do I Know God Loves Me?) is birthed by a desire to open children’s minds to the spiritual realm, empowering them in exploring and facilitating an understanding of spiritual themes.
… author cleverly opens the child’s mind and spirit, encouraging them to be alert and aware to spirituality within the child, their immediate world and beyond.
… Chapter 9 is devoted to aiding children in withstanding peer pressure, and successfully communicates the destiny of the reader to be unique, supporting them to accept who they are with confidence.

The International Journal of Children’s Spirituality

"I sat with my 9 year old grandson while he read How Do I know God Loves Me?. The book brought up many thoughts and concerns about events happening at school and some difficulties with his peers. We were able to talk about solutions to those problems. Since then we have been able to communicate on a much deeper level about life, spirituality and how each one of us can do good things and be a good person in this life time. THANK YOU Melanie for writing this book!”

Susan M., Grandmother

"Living in today's world can be challenging for adults, let alone children. Author Dundy does a superior job of giving our youngsters a path to coping and navigating their life's journey. It's a must read for the entire family. This is a super book for people like me who aren't sure what's what. Super writing!!"

Charlotte, Chicago

"Wonderful book for children and might also help some adults too going thru a difficult time in their lives. I'll be buying this for all of my Grandchildren and suggest the library has them available too! Highly recommend for one and all."

Jeannie Dern

"This book does an amazing job of reminding us of all the ways in which the mystery and magic of life touches us if we just take the time to pay attention. I will revisit this book often when in need of inspiration and a reminder of what makes life so beautiful."