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Stranger Alert!  

Strangers — Bad people
One of today’s sad realities is that they are out there.

Your child needs to know what to do if approached by a stranger.
Your child needs to know what to do if touched inappropriately.

It is a difficult but necessary conversation for parents to have with their children. This book makes the conversation easier and more comfortable for both the parent and the child — empowers children without scaring them.

The kids in Stranger Alert!  find themselves in uncomfortable situations involving being approached by strangers or being touched inappropriately. The young reader becomes a participant in deciding what to do in the given situations. This participation makes the child think and later remember.

Knowledge empowers kids so they can protect themselves.

Empower your children to give them confidence.
Empower your children to keep them safe.
Empower your children to protect them.

For children ages 6 – 10
Format: eBook  (36 pages)
Price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-0-692-06540-2


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Customer Reviews

Interesting approach to a very serious and scary problem.

Cyndi, mother of two

Made it easier to talk to my daughter about this unpleasant subject.