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Kids giggle while they learn good manners.  There may be some “AHA” moments when young readers see themselves in one or more of the characters in the book. That’s when they realize how silly they look to others when they misbehave. 

Manners? Good Behavior?  gives parents a way to bond with their kids while teaching them good manners and acceptable behavior. Boys and girls have fun while learning. Reading this book to your children is so much more fun than scolding them.

Full color, fun illustrations on every page.

Picture book for young children
Format: eBook (36 pages)
Price: $2.99
ISBN: 978-0-9674491-6-6

Good Manners?

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Customer Reviews

Fun way to teach kids manners.


This book really gets the point across to kids — at least it did to mine.

Kyle G.H.